Fun Factory

Fun Factory

A Factory of mini-games


  • Well presented
  • Good controls


  • Repetitive
  • Old game ideas


This collection of 5 mini games puts you in the position of a factory worker, and like every factory worker, you have a different job to do every day.

The five games in Fun Factory start off easy, and get progressively harder as the 'weeks' go on. Monday's game is slider, where you have to rearrange a picture puzzle under the clock, Tuesday is a crane game, where you have to use a crane to remove defective products from a conveyor belt. Wednesday is a memory game, which you'll recognize as the traditional card game pairs, the Thursday offering is 'sorter' which requires balls to be directed to the corresponding color box and Friday has a frantic balloon pop game.

After completing a round of all the games, Fun Factory's boss will rate your performance. If you perform badly during a round, you'll receive warning letters, and eventually get fired!

All the games in Fun Factory work well and come complete with bright, cheerful graphics and a bouncy soundtrack that ratchets up the tempo as the difficulty increases. They start off too easy, but do get harder. Our criticism of the games is they are all fairly old concepts, and the factory story binding them together can't cover this up.

This Fun Factory demo is well worth a try, as the game's well done. Whether or not you want to purchase it depends on whether you enjoy these pretty simple little games. For this reviewer, while the format is fun, the games are too tired to warrant repeated play.

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Fun Factory


Fun Factory

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